Christmas villas to rent in Barbados 2020

Guests are already enquiring about Christmas villas to rent in Barbados 2020. Christmas in Barbados is very special. The island is fun filled. It is brimming with visitors who have left the cold behind to celebrate under blue skies in the sunshine.The best Christmas villas to rent in Barbados 2020 will go very fast. Many guests are given... ... Read more

07 Jan, 2020
Top 10 villas in the Caribbean

Here is our personal choice of Top 10 villas in the Caribbean1. The Great House, Barbados2. Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas3. Sanzaru, Barbados4. Alaya, Barbados5. The Sanctuary, Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos 6. Bananaquit, Jumby Bay, Antigua7. Calivigny Island, Grenada8. Oleander, Jumby Bay, Antigua9. Casa Tres Soles, Puerto Vaillerta, Mexico10.... ... Read more

05 Nov, 2019
The Dream Barbados 2020

The Dream Barbados has recently changed hands.The new owners are making improvements to this already wonderful beachfront home. This is a property that lives up to its name The Dream. It is one of the most beautiful fully staffed villas on the west coast of Barbados. We are now taking bookings for The Dream Barbados. The furnishings are all being... ... Read more

22 Oct, 2019
The Great House Barbados 2020

The Great House Barbados is probably the most luxurious beach front villa estate in Barbados. It is a 12 bedroom fully staffed villa which can accommodate up to 30 guests. It may be booked on an 8-12 bedroom basis.We think this could be the best private villa in the Caribbean. The Great House will be available to receive bookings from 15 December... ... Read more

08 Oct, 2019
Top 10 villas on the beach in Barbados

TOP 10 VILLAS ON THE BEACH IN BARBADOSThere are so many beautiful villas in Barbados. If you are looking to rent one of the Top 10 villas on the beach in Barbados here are our recommendations. These are not in any order of preference.1. THE DREAMThe Dream is a stunning contemporary 5 bedroom home located on the west coast of Barbados. It is a... ... Read more

12 Sep, 2019
Summer holidays in Barbados

Summer holidays in Barbados are very special. The sea is warm, the temperatures are balmy and the beaches are beautiful.If you book your flights early enough there are some good deals. The villas to rent are much cheaper for summer holidays in Barbados than they are in the winter.So if you are contemplating summer holidays in Barbados take a look... ... Read more

22 Aug, 2019
Barbados villas for July and August 2020

Looking for to rent Barbados villas for July and August 2020? Look no further.We have a large holiday rental portfolio of Barbados villas for July and August 2020.The school summer holidays is becoming a popular time for guests to visit Barbados. It is a wonderful holiday destination then. Unlike the villas in Europe the Barbados villas to rent... ... Read more

22 Aug, 2019
Contemporary villas in Barbados

We are frequently asked for contemporary villas in Barbados which are available for holiday rental.There are many beautiful villas to rent in Barbados. Here are some of our most popular contemporary villas in Barbados. ATELIER HOUSEAtelier House is one of our stunning 4 bedroom contemporary villas in Barbados. It sits on a ridge near Carlton... ... Read more

01 Aug, 2019
4 bedroom villas in Barbados

4 BEDROOM VILLAS IN BARBADOSJAVA BAYIf you are looking to rent 4 bedroom villas in Barbados, Java Bay is a delightful Balinese style Caribbean home. It is one of the most popular 4 bedroom villas in Barbados. It actually has 5 bedrooms however the fifth room is a single small room. It is on the ground floor and air-conditioned. It is ideal for a... ... Read more

29 Jul, 2019
Barbados Christmas Holiday Villas

Are you looking for Barbados Christmas Holiday villas to rent?Christmas in Barbados is a sparkling occasion. The island is buzzing with excitement and activity. The restaurants are bustling. The beaches are as beautiful as ever.It is warm and sunny in Barbados over Christmas and new year. What better place to take the family for a memorable... ... Read more

13 Jun, 2019


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