Water sports in Barbados

With endless stretches of clear turquoise sea there is an abundance of water sports in Barbados to choose from. Here are some of our favourite water sports in Barbados

Paddle Boarding

A perfect sport for those who wish to enjoy the tranquility of the Caribbean Sea. Paddle boarding or stand-up paddling (SUP) and also surfing are are popular water sports in Barbados. 

Fuelled only by the paddler, stand-up paddling is hugely beneficial to fitness. It provides a fantastic core and cardio workout. It is also a wonderful way to unwind, ease the body and the mind. You can delight in an incredible journey as you discover unknown sights on the horizon. Whether you are a beginner or have mastered the art of staying upright at a faster pace there is a paddle board offering for all.

Situated in Carlisle Bay Marine Park, Paddle Barbados offers paddle board rentals and tuition in the clear warm waters of the South West Coast. Why not hire a snorkel and kayak and take a dip with the many friendly sea turtles which inhabit the bay. For the more adventruous paddle out to explore the colourful marine life and sunken shipwrecks beneath the waves. Your adventure awaits.

      water sports in Barbados  water sports in Barbados  water sports in Barbados


For adrenaline seekers and avid wave riders alike the surf in Barbados is frequently deemed amongst the best and most consistent in the world. Surfing is amongst the most popular water sports in Barbados. The water temperature rarely falls beneath 25 degrees centigrade. The waves are suited to all abilities and the constant tropical trade winds make for desirable easterly breaks.  You will generally find conditions to be good and enjoyable throughout the year. Popular locations for high waves, such as Brandons and South Point are situated along the rugged South Coast. Here the wilder conditions present an exhilarating challenge. To the East of the island South Bank and The Soup Bowl are for the equally adventorous. To the West, Freights Bay and the calm shores off Sandy Lane present a prime setting for first time surfer. It is also good for those who wish to take it easy and work on their technique.

     water sports in Barbados  water sports in Barbados  water sports in Barbados

Scuba Diving

With a multitude of colourful sea life, rich history and natural art within, the sea around Barbados proffers endless delights. Scuab diving is another of the most popular water sports in Barbados.

The reefs enclosing Barbados blossom with enchanting corals, sponges and plant life. They are located one to two miles from shore and provide the perfect setting to snorkel. The reef forms the habitat of thousands of beautiful fish and tropical sea life as well as many sea turtles. 

For those in search of stories beyond the islands calm coastline why not explore the ship wrecks of Carslile Bay. Alternatively, journey down to the Stavronikita of Folkestone Marine Park. Whilst Barbados offers opportunities for diving throughout the year it is at its best during the summer months. In the summer visibility ranges from 40 to 70ft and the water temperature is a consistent 80°F.

There are a number of dive centres on Barbados each with unique offerings. Barbados Blue facilitate accompanied group dives and tuition from their St James base. They offer exciting experiences tailored to adults and children alike. For those who want to enjoy magical marine life without getting wet try Atlantis Submarines. Take a day or evening trip on and up to 130 ft under the sea in a custom built Bajan submarine. This is a wonderful experience creating lasting memories to be shared by the whole family.

           water sports in Barbados water sports in Barbados water sports in Barbados

Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing is a longstanding way of life in Barbados.  You will often see the Bajans setting off for a family fishing day on the sea. The warm waters off the West and South coasts of the island offer an ideal setting for deep sea fishing. If you go deep sea fishing you are likely to spot and catch Barracuda, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Dolphin (Dorado) and Marlin.

If you are a keen game fisher wanting to spend a day on the water there is a selection of boats available for charter. Many of these charters include drinks, tackle and bait. For those wishing to experience the thrill of a group fishing trip these are offered by various operators. One of those is the friendly, fun and family owned Fish Barbados who run charters throughout the year.

With many guided fishing excursions available across the island why not give it a go.

In addition to fishing charters and coastal excursions Barbados hosts a hierarchy of game fishing competitions and events These are all organised by the Barbados Game Fishing Association. Barbados now boasts one of the premier marine facilities in the Eastern Caribbean at Port St. Charles. It stipulates the release of all billed fish whilst promoting the conservation of all fish and marine life. Browse our luxury villas to rent in Port St Charles. 

   water sports in Barbados water sports in Barbados water sports in Barbados


Jet and Water Skiing

Imagine skimming across the clear blue ocean, your every breath tinged with crisp scents of the sea. Sound like your sort of thing? If so why not hire a jet ski, or try your hand at water skiing in Barbados. There are fully insured and licensed jet skis available by the half hour from many of the island's captivating coastlines.  You can generally hire them from Port St Charles, Mullins and the beaches near Holetown. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the waters off the West and South Coasts. Tuition is provided and accompanied rides are also offered across the island.

For the truly adventurous, water skiing is another popular activity on the island. Once you have mastered the art of staying upright, enjoy the thrill of gliding across azure Barbados waters as you are pulled along by boat. A journey that is sure to be remembered for a lifetime. 


                 water sports in Barbados water sports in Barbados water sports in Barbados


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