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Here are some of the most popular places of interest in Barbados. For other places of interest contact us 

 St Nicholas Abbey

 St. Nicholas Abbey’s great house, constructed by Benjamin Berringer in 1658, is one of just three Jacobean style mansions remaining in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the finest historic sites in Barbados. It is one of the most popular places of interest in Barbados.

This charismatic 17th Century Plantation House, enclosed by a 400 acre estate, is located within the rugged Scotland District, in the Parish of St Peter, boasting magnificent views across the islands South Eastern coast from Cherry Tree Hill. Rich with history a 2-3 hour tour of the abbey will transport you back in time, to long balmy days of sugar harvest and the tumultuous dynamic of enslaved workers versus affluent lords of the plantation. 

Visitors to the Abbey, which in contrast to its name does not have a link with the church, may enjoy a guided journey of the main house and grounds; including a short film that provides a wonderful insight into the sites past. Next, learn about the estates distillery and watch the process of making Barbados's signature rum, complete with a sample or two of this tasty tipple to ensure that you can capture the true essence of the experience of course. Rum is available for purchase in the abbeys characterful shop and with the option to create a personalised label makes a perfect gift for your special someone. 

If you are planning a trip to St Nicholas Abbey be mindful that rum demonstration runs Monday to Thursday and on Sundays only. There are also a number of seasonal events held on site throughout the year, including magical moonlight dinners during nights of the full moon and carols in the lead up to Christmas. 

With an enchanting backdrop of tropically inspired gardens and sweeping mahogany trees St Nicholas Abbey makes an idyllic setting for Weddings and the house has a specialist event team who strive to ensure that you have an exceptionally special day. If you are thinking of getting married in Barbados, we would be delighted to share our thoughts on the islands most romantic offerings. Contact us for a chat. 


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Speightstown mural 

This fabulous piece of street art is tucked away in the discerning location of prince Alfreds lane. It is located just off the promenade in Speightstown St James. This treet mural is sure to leave you feeling inspired. The mural depicts the essence of Bajan life and illustrates the all embracing spirit with which the people of Barbados approach tourism on their island. 




Hunte's Gardens

 Hunte's Garden is situated a half hour bus ride, or twenty minute taxi ride from Bridgetown. It is locate on the West Coast of Barbados is Hunte's Garden and is a popular place of interest. As its name suggests this tranquil space is an attentively curated garden. It is tended to passionately by its owner, Anthony Hunt. Hunt is  a keen horticulturist and he maintains the garden with his small team.

If you enjoy gardening, serenity and meandering amongst beautiful colourful plant life then this is a wonderful place to spend a few hours.  Mr Hunte's warm hospitality enhancies its charm. These unique gardens have been developed from a sink hole. Whilst relatively new having been grown only within the past ten years the folicate is lush and mature. The trees stand tall amongst a range of carefully selected orchids. The tropical flowers appear extensively matured. This is one of the special places of interest in Barbados.


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 Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Another of the popular places of interest is the beautiful Andromeda Botanic Gardens. This is located to the East of Barbados in Bathsbea, within the parish of St John. Forming part of the Barbados National Trust, these charming historic gardens offer a wide array of horticultural delight. Visitors can enjoy serene windy pathways, tranquil trickling streams and an abundance of wildlife. Whilst wandering through lush vegetation you are likely to spot a number of rare forms of plant life and trees. Some of these are not otherwise present in the Caribbean. You are sure to be intrigued and mildly amused by the curious green monkeys who swing amongst the tree branches. Cheeky birds flit and glide overhead. Around you, floral scents and tropical sights will inspire the senses. On careful inspection you are sure to spot a variety of creatively coloured insects and butterflies along each of your chosen routes. 

Like the famous greek goddess Andromeda, the gardens are bound to rock. In this case it is the coral stone rock of St John. Hence their aptly selected name. The gardens were curated by mutli award winning horticultarilist Iris Bannochie. Just prior to her passing in 1988 she bequethed the site to the national trust so that others could share in her passion for many years to come.


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Orchid World

 Orchid World & Tropical Flower Garden is located in the parish of St James. It is set within a beautiful eight acre tropical garden. This is a quiet but extensice garden tucked amidst the sugar cane and lush Barbadian countryside. With an elevation of 810 feet it has a number of vantage points. These present majestic views of the surrounding landscape and dazzling Caribbean Sea beyond.  It is one of Barbados top places of interest.

Once inside meandering pathways lead you through a tour of the enchanting gardens. You will see several waterfalls, ponds, a coral grotto and various green houses which are home to thousands of rare and wonderful orchids. Stunning tropical flowers can also be seen throughout the gardens. The owners have thoughtfully placed benches throughout the gardens to provide tranquil spots for guests to reflect and enjoy the surrounding beauty. 

 Each path offers new sights and floral delights within a serene garden setting. Visitors may also browse the gift shop. Some like to relax on an intimate terrace overlooking the gardens. Others enjoy a light snack and ice cold beverage from the garden bar. Orchid World & Tropical Flower Garden also makes a lovely setting for special occasions. It is available for weddings and corporate events. 


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Harrisons Cave

Harrisons Cave is a unique and popular place of interest in Barbados. Located in the Parish of St Thomas which is situated to the North of the island, arrison's Cave has been claimed to be one of the wonders of the world. Enjoy a magical excursion encompassing half a mile's tram ride from which you will experience the spectacular stalactites, stalagmites, waterfalls and the mystical wonders of this natural limestone cavern.


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Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave, another of the most popular places of interest is located at North Point, in the parish of St Lucy. The animal flower cave presents a truly enchanting insight into the wonders of nature. This magical cavern is home to a beautiful collection of sea anemonies. When open these sea anemonies give the illusion of tropical flowers amidst a dramatic rocky backdrop.

From inside the cave visitors can enjoy a spellbinding view of the turquoise waves through a natural window to the sea.  After this enjoy a light bite high above the Caribbeans clear waters in the site's intimate restaurant. The restaurant offers a seasonal menu of inspired dishes with indoor and outdoor dining. Animal flower cave is open to visitors Monday to Friday from 9am to 4:30pm. 


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Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Take an unforgettable journey into the Barbadian jungle with the island's wild and exotic animals. Kids and animal lovers alike will thoroughly enjoy a trip to Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Here you can stroll amongst armadilo, acouti, pelicans, deer and various monkey species. All these animal enjoy a natural environment,along with a selection of tropical birds and reptiles. There are flamboyant flamingos, enigmatic iguana and deadly pythons. Of course the puthons are securely enclosed. This reserve provides a unique and educational experience for the whole family.  Spanning over 4 acres of Mahogany Forest atop Farley Hill, in the parish of St Peter the reserve is open to visitors all year round.  Opening hours are Monday to Sunday 10am to 5pm. We would recommend arriving before 2pm to ensure that you do not miss the monkeys as they come out for their lunch. 


          Places of interest Places of interest in Barbados Places of interest


 Our Barbados based team have first hand experience of many popular spots across the island.  We would be pleased to share these with you before your trip. If you would like further details of places of interest please contact us . We will do our utmost to ensure that activities are tailored to create your dream Barbados escape. 


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